Thursday, August 21, 2014

Crossing Borders- Bronzeville Artist Lofts Arts Incubator

Chicgao Artists Month

The CAM 2014 theme is Crossing Borders. Proposal are encouraged, but not required, to engage the theme. Crossing Borders - actual physical borders, or conceptual, genre or societal borders - can be liberating, creative, transgressive, stimulating, hazardous, affirmative or all of the above. Often, crossing borders is life-changing. CAM encourages participants to plan their program as a mash-up, crossing borders literally and figuratively - between neighborhoods and nations, within artistic genres, media and social scenes.
Criteria  CAM 2014 is an open call for submissions, from which up to 300 events will be selected and 12 will be featured. Programs must feature two or more Chicago-based artists, take place in a public venue, between September 27 and October 31, 2014.

"Intersections" -Dushan Mosley, AACM
  • Bronzeville Artist Lofts Arts Incubator Calendar of Events: 
    September 15 – October 31st.

    Name: Alpha Bruton- Chief Curator Phantom Gallery Chicago Network 
    Visual Arts/ Environmental Installation “Drive- IN Popup Movie Theater”
    As a painter and an installation artist, Alpha examines cultural signs and symbols and their use or interpretation. She believes that objects in the public sphere serve to communicate and reinforce certain cultural narratives, hierarchies, and social mythologies. Alpha develops projects as living experiments for sustainable practices and for personal and collective transformation.

    Alpha has invited Phantom curator Janelle Dowell, and selected students in the Columbia College Master Candidates in Film Video to present short experimental films throughout the month of October, in an installation the Drive-In Popup Movie Theater.
    Lavon Pettis, Phantom Curator, presents “The Doll Project”, artist Lois D. Ingram, Missouri History Museum host reception TBD.

    September 15th – October 31, 2014
    Exhibition: Resident Artist React to Crossing Borders- In an installation throughout the building on the 2nd and 3rd Floor open spaces, and Incubator with new work.
    BAL Resident Artists :Alan Emerson Hicks, Andre Guichard ,Bruce Gage, Frances Guichard, Imania Detry,  India Martin, Krista Franklin ,  N. Masani Landfair, Nikki Bruce, Patrese D McClain, Raymond Thomas, Roger Carter, Alpha Bruton,   Sean Owens, Stephen Flemister, Sybil Morrison,  Tempestt Hazel, Wayon Glenn.
    Oct 3-5
    “Home Molasses" Renee Baker, will present graphic scores artwork completed during her self-directed residency in Berlin, London, Saigon, Zwolle. Her art combines sculpture, drawing, art books, and paintings. Members of the Chicago Modern Orchestra Project will perform to her graphic scores during her reception on Friday Oct 3, 6pm, Artist Talk Saturday 4pm, Sunday Closing, 1-4pm.

    Oct 10th & 11th, Opening Weekend
    Guichard Gallery- Main Gallery 6-10pm BOMBAY SAPPHIRE ARTISAN SERIES 

    Oct 11th,
    Performance “INTERSECTION’- Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians) artist-in-resident musician Dushun Mosley and members of the AACM perform, dancers, musicians, poets, visual artists intersect art forms to crossing art forms in a multi-media experience.
    2nd Floor Resident Gallery OPEN STUDIO
    Oct 16 - 19 
    "Squares" by N. Masani Landfair, 2nd Fl Gallery
    N.Masani Landfair looks at the limitations that have been placed on modern communication, from 140 word messages to snapshots of intimate moments of our daily lives, what is the ultimate outcome and connection this economy of language (or lack of) brings to our quality of life? 

    Oct 17 & 25
    "Temporal” Time Based Performance Art, Curator Alan Emerson Hicks- Stretches the borders of experimental art and performance. 6pm – 10pm

    Alan Emerson Hicks-Phantom Curator 
    Oct 28th, 
    Artists Salon, “Culture Bridge” DANK House Curator Marianna Buchwald each year forms  International Art Ambassadors, Christine Perri,  Nichole Harrod, Kenya, Renee Baker, Cherie Locket,  Marianna Buchwald,  Dominck, DANK house 4740 N. Western. Members of the International Art Group explored the art, music and gallery scene in a summer adventures, being ambassadors representing the various disciplines and connectedness of their art forms as they toured Germany. During the Salon, ambassadors will discuss various entry points of their tour, and present those interactions through lively conversation, and sharing of the experience.

  • DANK house 4740 N. Western. Marianna Buchwald, ph. 773 507 1300

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bronzeville Artist Loft Dedication and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

"Art is Business"

Andre and Francis Guichard Owners
 Mayor Rahm Emanuel today joined community leaders, developers and local artists to celebrate the opening of the Bronzeville Artists Lofts, a $5.9 million project to redevelop a vacant 90-year-old building as 16 studio, one- and two-bedroom artist’s apartments as well as an art gallery and art incubator in 12,200 square feet of space at 436 East 47th Street in Bronzeville. The project is one example of the more than $780 million in planned and completed public and private investments underway in the area. It marks just over one year since the City launched the Chicago Neighborhoods Now initiative to strengthen the city through public-private partnerships.

“Our future is only as bright as our neighborhoods are strong, and projects like this will be the catalyst for the continued revitalization of our city,” said Mayor Emanuel. “This project not only reinforces Bronzeville’s legacy as a center for local artists and art patrons but it is proof that when the public and private sectors come together, cultural and economic vibrancy are possible.”

Bronzeville Artists Lofts was developed by Revere Properties LLC and Three Corners LLC. As part of the development agreement, half of the units are being leased to working artists earning no more than 120 percent of area median income (AMI) and the other half to artists earning less than 60 percent of AMI. In addition to the residential component, approximately one-third of the ground-floor retail is occupied by Gallery Guichard, which relocated from its original location on South Martin Luther King Drive and which showcases art from the United States, Africa and the Caribbean.

 "The Bronzeville Artists Lofts and Gallery Guichard honors the Bronzeville community's cultural history while at the same time, provide new opportunities for emerging artists,” said Alderman Pat Dowell. “The investments made by the City of Chicago, Revere Properties and Three Corners help stimulate the economy of 47th Street and gives new life to an important retail corridor."

The rehabilitation work was made possible by $1.1 million Tax Increment Financing (TIF) assistance and $4.4 million in federal Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) funding allocated by the City of Chicago.
 In the year since announcing Chicago Neighborhoods Now, Bronzeville has experienced $1.85 billion in planned and completed public and private investments that also include the Shops & Lofts at 47, a mixed-use, mixed-income housing and retail development currently under development and a new Mariano’s grocery store. Across Bronzeville, projects are creating 2,700 permanent jobs and 12,000 temporary construction jobs and strengthening economic development and affordable housing, attracting new retail and jobs to the area.

Announced in March 2013, the initiative is coordinating new economic development, housing, and quality of life improvements across seven opportunity-rich sections of Chicago – Bronzeville, Pullman, Englewood, Uptown, Eisenhower Corridor, Rogers Park/Loyola University and Little Village. Chicago Neighborhoods Now was projected to coordinate $330 million in City funding and $2.6 billion in State, Federal and private funding. Based on projections announced in the past 12 months, the City has have not only met, but exceeded those goals.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Bronzeville Artists Lofts Unveiled

"Art is Business" reposted for Sam Cholke

Gallery Guichard Moves Into New Space on 47th Street

By Sam Cholke on June 25, 2014 8:30am 

 Gallery Guichard celebrated the official opening of its new space at the Bronzeville Artist Lofts on Tuesday.
Bronzeville Artist Lofts
BRONZEVILLE — Gallery Guichard and neighborhood artists unveiled a new gallery space and artists lofts on 47th Street on Tuesday.
“I was afraid, it was almost like leaving high school,” said Andre Guichard, about moving his gallery from a converted three-flat at 3251 S. Martin Luther King Drive. “This is one of those life breakthroughs.”
Walking through the new 4,000-square-foot gallery hung with work by artists from South Africa, Haiti and other countries, Guichard said he’s convinced he and his partner, Frances Guichard, made the right decision.
“A lot of people do a lot of talking, but the Guichards put their money where their mouth is,” said Ald. Pat Dowell (3rd) at an unveiling event at the 436 E. 47th St. building. Mayor Rahm Emanuel was also on hand.
Sixteen artists occupy apartments on the second and third floors of nearly century-old former dairy building.
“I need light as a painter,” said Alpha Bruton, who has split her unit into two studios, a gallery space and a living space. “I got it, I got all the windows, all this light.”
The $7 million space was specifically designed around a zoning change from 2010 that allows artists to get a business license and use their home as a gallery.
“You always end up sleeping at the gallery anyway when you have a deadline coming up,” said Alan Emerson Hicks, an artist who works with found objects that shares studio space in Bruton’s apartment.
Hicks said he struggled to find a new studio that wasn’t raw industrial space when Begyle Brewery took over the building that housed his old studio in North Center.
“There are some, but nothing like this.” Hicks said. “Most of the studio spaces are these warehouses.”
All 16 apartments, which range from $592 for a studio to $1,175 for a two-bedroom apartment, are all rented.
The project is expected to expand next year with the creation of a pavilion on the lot east of the building.
Gallery Guichard held a reception for its first exhibit at the new space, "Genesis," at 6 p.m. on June 27.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pop Up Research Station- AIM Hatchfund


UPDATE: we were funded $2,675.00 which will go directly to administrative costs,  hosting services,and website development.

N8:Chicago Pop Up Gallery 15th/State/Closed
I am mailing perks out this week so watch your mailbox, if I don't have your mailing address, I will contact you by email and get it. 

“Oakland Artists transforms historic corridor in Detroit’s North End”

I will be attending the Roots and Remedies Conference in Detroit Michigan, on July 17th, and will schedule live interviews with art organizers from Oakland California who have transformed Detroit’s Historic North End neighborhood.
Murphy Hill Gallery PopUP in Sears Administration Lawndale/Closed
Tour public art sites along Oakland Avenue in Detroit’s historic North End neighborhood with members of the Oakland Avenue Artists Coalition. Learn more about the initiative’s historical context, recent public art projects and glimpse future plans for the art corridor. We will end our tour at Oakland Avenue Farm and Market and stroll through this awesome example of the intersection of art, urban agriculture and community engagement.

I have submitted my application to participate in Chicago Artists Month 2014. The theme this year is “Crossing Borders”; starting in August the Pop Up research station will resume our weekly on air radio
interviews with GYST Radio calls in number:  (914) 338-0532. 

Preparation is also underway to begin our on air panel discussions connecting with art organizers in various
cities for our pre-summit online conference, which will happen on Wednesday October 22nd, during Chicago Artists Month. So save that date.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Chicago— Fast Forward : Rewind : Play

"Art is Business" Artist Marcelo Eli
Marcelo Eli, Mr. Rager, 2013, acrylic, collage, oil stick on canvas, 77 x 94 inches
Media Contact: 
Brook Rosini 
773.324.5520 x1003

Hyde Park Art Center presents a playful exhibition 
highlighting diversity of involvement in its Oakman Clinton School & Studios

Three-week projects suggest alternate interpretations of traditional gallery space
Chicago— Fast Forward : Rewind : Play presents a playful and experimental format for an exhibition incorporating artwork, murals, creative exercises, and ideas from Art Center teaching artists, student artists, and youth artists. The Kanter-McCormick Gallery will become a curatorial laboratory for five quick- and-dirty shows proposed by participants involved in the Art Center’s Oakman Clinton School & Studios, engaging the traditional “white cube” gallery as a learning space while highlighting connections among Oakman Clinton School & Studios faculty, students, and the broader Chicago arts community. The exhibition will be on view from May 11 until August 31, 2014, with a public reception for all participating artists and facilitators being held on Thursday, May 29 from 5:30 – 8:00 pm.
The concept for the exhibition arose out of the various opportunities for interaction and engagement between the diverse artist communities that interact with the Hyde Park Art Center’s Oakman Clinton School & Studios. Through an open call, all students and participants in Oakman Clinton School & Studios programs were encouraged to submit project proposals. Proposals were then grouped into complementary sets by Art Center School & Studio Manager Jeannette Tremblay and Art Center Director of Exhibitions & Residency Programs Allison Peters Quinn.
May 11 – June 1: Travel Log The opening set of projects engage the timeless quest of mapping personal journeys through visual media. In The Pram Invitational, Kathy Fimreite invites artists to create prams—small, utilitarian boats known for their workhorse efficiency—that symbolize their own life experiences. The resulting fleet becomes a tangible metaphor for community. Facilitated by Hardy Schlick, the complementary project in this set, 옥수동: 2012, highlights travel photography by Scott Hemsey. The images record a portrait of a changing urban landscape through the lens of a temporary transplant from the United States living in Korea.
Participating artists in Travel Log include: Sarah Berkeley, Marty Burns, Corinna Button, Alisa Caron, Gloria Carrig, Lucy Dallman, Deborah Adams Doering, Glenn Doering, Duey Fimreite, Kathy Fimreite, Michelle Anne Harris, Phillip Hartigan, Jean Hester, Megan Hogan, Mailka Jackson, Lisa Jenschke- Stephens, Gwynne Johnson, Barb Koenen, Heather La Riviere, Ted Micheletti, Jesus Meija + Ruth, Mike Mlekowski, Michael McGuire, Carolyn Pereira, Leon Sarantos, Homa Shojaie, Teresa Silva, Ines

Sommer, Donna Terry, Nadine Trumbull, Eric Wall, Megan Williamson, Amy F. Williamson, Phil Wright, Stacia Yeapanis, Young Artists from Sunlight African Community Center; and Scott Hemsey.
June 8 – June 22: Circle in a Square The circle-in-square motif is an oft-used repeating pattern in American quiltmaking practices. This project, facilitated by Sarah Nishiura, presents a formal exploration of how that iconic motif gets translated into other media through the work of Mie Kongo and James Kao.
Participating artists include: Sarah Nishiura, Mie Kongo, James Kao, Hyde Park Art Center quiltmaking students, and other Chicago quiltmakers.

Diane Ponder

June 29 – July 17: Not Or, But And This set of projects looks at the fluid, and at times oppositional, relationship between figurative and abstract practices. With Figurative VS Abstract, Melody Saraniti underscores the inevitable conversation between both camps by inviting painters whose work exists mainly on one side or the other, and then asking those artists to invite their inspirations from across the aisle. The result is pairings that belie imagined antagonisms. For her part, Diane Ponder’s project, Figuratively Speaking, pulls together artists whose works sprout from a place of abstraction but ultimately take a turn toward figuration.
Participating artists in Not Or, But And include: Larissa Setareh Borteh, Dana DeGiulio, Robin Dulzen, Judith Geichman, Anne Harris, Cameron Harvey, Sarah Hicks, Sarah Hicks, Amanda Joseph, Mike Nudelman, Maria Vergara; and Steve Coenen, Marcelo Eli, Astrid Fuller, Christine LaRue, Sandra Perlow, Judy Petacque, Susan Redeker.
July 21 – July 25: Big Art With multimedia artist Lee Blalock at the helm, Hyde Park Art Center campers will spend a week investigating the “white cube” gallery as a space for making. They will work together to design and create large-scale drawing and mural projects while learning about color, style, process, site-specific installation, and collaboration.
Participating artists in Big Art include: Hyde Park Art Center Creativity Campers.
August 3 – August 31: The Playground For the final pair of projects, John Murphy and Suzanne Sebold investigate the potential of the “white cube” gallery as an alternative space for learning. In Murphy’s project, Play/Pause, he joins Hyde Park Art Center teaching artists to reflect on the commonalities and divergences between the Artist Statement and the Teaching Philosophy, as manifestos of two distinct yet intimately related practices. Sebold’s project, Uncommon Core, investigates how these shared big ideas come into being through the microcosm of an art class with students from North Kenwood/Oakland Charter School.
Participating artists in The Playground include: Rodrigo Zendejas, Jeremiah Jones, Candice Latimer, Jessi Walsh; and North Kenwood/Oakland Charter School students.
Fast Forward : Rewind : Play will be on view from May 11 until August 31, 2014 at the Hyde Park Art Center, 5020 South Cornell Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60615; 773.324.5520 and Exhibitions are always free and open to the public. Visit for more information and related events.
Hyde Park Art Center is a unique resource that advances contemporary visual art in Chicago by connecting artists and communities in unexpected ways. As an open forum for exploring the artistic process, the Art Center fosters creativity through making, learning about, seeing, and discussing art—all under one roof. The Art Center is funded in part by: Alphawood Foundation; Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts; a City Arts III grant from the City of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events; Field Foundation of Illinois; Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts; Harper Court Arts Council; Harpo Foundation; Illinois Arts Council, a state agency; Illinois Humanities Council; Irving Harris Foundation; Joyce Foundation; Lloyd A. Fry Foundation; MacArthur Fund for Arts and Culture at Prince; National Endowment for the Arts; National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Illinois General Assembly; Polk Bros. Foundation; David C and Sarajean Ruttenberg Arts Foundation; Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust; and the generosity of its members and people like you.